Certua teams up with Beazley for online placing

Certua teams up with Beazley for online placing

Certua, which empowers embedded finance, has partnered with specialist insurer Beazley to provide online placing platforms.

Deployment and governance of Microsoft Teams for Education

Understand everything you’ll need to know for holistic governance for your educational institution. In this session, we’ll cover chat policies, meeting policies, app policies, assignments through groups, how to configure student safety, and methods for automating team class creation.

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A Quick Overview of Pexip’s CVI solution for Microsoft Teams

Watch Pexip solution architect, Marius Nilsen, as he gives a quick overview of Pexip’s gateway solution for Microsoft Teams in under three minutes. Allow direct dialing from standards-based video conferencing (SIP) hardware or software applications into your Microsoft Teams calling environment. The solution maintains native workflows for your Teams hosts and users as well as native workflows for dialing from meeting room video systems and software. Choose to deploy as part of Pexip’s self-hosted/on-premise Infinity software application, or to enable it via the Pexip Service as an ‘out of the box’ cloud service solution.

Microsoft Teams | How to Use Approvals

Approvals is a Teams app that allows us to automate requests for approval like permission to work from home or to take leave. In this video we’ll show you how to create and manage approvals and also how to create approvals from templates for your team to use. Timestamps below for those in a hurry.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Install the app
01:10 Create a request
02:08 Sent approvals
02:51 Received approvals
03:45 Reviewing approvals
04:00 Managing templates
06:35 Outro

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Endava and Beazley: optimising Rulebook together

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