Marsh bolsters ESG reporting with Beazley

Marsh bolsters ESG reporting with Beazley

Specialist insurer Beazley is to offer clients that opt in to Marsh’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Risk Rating (ERR), global access to additional capacity through its Lloyd’s of London Syndicate 4321, subject to the ERR score meeting Beazley’s threshold.

What is ESG Investing? #smallcase #smallShorts #Shorts

How to create ESG reports

Download template:

Need to report your sustainability efforts to key stakeholders? Most companies make ESG reports public, and public companies may soon be required by law to provide them by the SEC.

Download our Sustainability Report presentation template to easily highlight the core goals, actions and implementation of your ESG efforts.

The template includes slides on GHG emissions throughout the value chain, matrixes for materiality and sustainability development goals, consumer willingness to pay, sustainability strategy promotion structure, an environmental action plan, social contribution, development highlights, promotion structure, and timelines on team education and impact minimization.

Understanding ESG Reporting

ESG/Sustainability is on the minds of individuals, policymakers and investors the world over. And high-quality information from companies is central to the discussion. This event aims to equip individual investors with a better understanding of what ESG reporting is, how to integrate it into their investing decisions, and current developments in the ESG reporting space.

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How The UK Can  lead The Way On Global ESG Standards ?

• Countries, regulators, the sustainable finance industry, and investors all have a responsibility to act decisively to build a more sustainable future. Companies’ efforts towards sustainability can be measured by ESG or the environmental, social and governance norms they follow. 
• ESG can be explained as the quantifiable measure of a company’s sustainability and societal operations, using standards that concern investors. These standards are used by companies to screen potential investments. 
• ESG-focused business practices are now gaining more traction. Investment firms are increasingly tracking such performance. Graphic not to be read: In 2018, global assets under management incorporating ESG mandates grew to US$30.7 trillion to US$22.9 trillion in 2016. 
How can UK take the lead?
• There are many factors because of which UK is poised to be in a commanding position.
• Investment is crucial for any country and its economy, and sustainable and responsible financing can bring in a major change. And, UK has a major influence in the financial sector.
• A recent World Wide Fund for Nature report has highlighted that the ESG criteria is crucial. If companies and governments fail to integrate environmental and social factors into the financial aspect, the invested capital and the company or the government may face unnecessary and sometimes unseen risks.   
• The UK is the fifth largest economy after the US, China, Japan, and Germany, and is a leading net exporter of financial services.
• Back in 2015, the London Stock Exchange was the first exchange to introduce a dedicated green bond segment. The UK became home to the first certified green bonds out of China, India and the Middle East, besides the first sovereign green bonds from the Asia Pacific region and the Americas.

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